Month: August 2008

Grand Prix Trois-Rivieres

I shot photos on the weekend with Phil Champoux for Auto123.  Here are the Nascar photos.  Andrew Ranger pulled out the win on the second to last corner (Ryan) after the  1st and 2nd racers tangled and skidded out wide on the corner.  Atlantic Championship photos and Canadian Touring photos are also on the site.  Auto123’s Nigel Heron finished 5th in the Touring Class.   I was at turn 1 getting ready for the start of the Touring/Super Touring class final and noticed a car with the name Pootmans on it.  Had to check with my friend Marc to see if it was his brother or not… it was!  Greg finished 5th in the Super Touring class.

Photography laws in Canada

Canadian Photography Laws Photography laws in Canada are a huge grey areas when it comes to the application, admission and implementation on civilians. Most of the laws that will be mentioned in this article do not even directly relate to photography but can be and may be associated to the same in a court of law. While most of the laws do not, in part, mention photography, they give a general concept under which photography can be said to lie, which is why they are included. It would be important to note that not all photography laws in Canada are consistent. These laws may be specific to a certain province and/or municipality and you should therefore check and confirm whether they apply to you. All the views and opinions represented here are not for legal purposes but are an recap of my own. You should therefore not use them as legal advice or quote them in legal proceedings. You may however use them freely for research and to give yourself a general concept of what …