Month: September 2010

Sushi in Manhattan with a side order of fart!

So yesterday I sit down in a great little sushi restaurant I found last fall (Aoki) in the Theater district for a late lunch. So I am reading a few pages on my iphone while enjoying my sushi, the spicy shrimp rolls are amazing, while trying to ignore the family of four 3 tables over. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people enjoying themselves but these people were really loud. They were also really big. They ranged from the 400+ pound Dad down to the 300 pound daughter. After an especially loud outburst which brought my concentration out of my book, I watched as one of the daughters rolled up on one leg and proceeded to rip a rather loud long fart. I was kind of astounded that someone would actually do that in a restaurant and expected some parental intervention. WRONG!!! They all laughed even louder. I guess Times Square attracts all kinds of people (inbred trailer trash included)!