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Early morning on the Ausable River West Branch

Fly Fishing the West Branch of the Ausable River

I spent 3 days fishing the West Branch of the Ausable River this September with my cousin Scott. We stayed at the Hungry Trout Resort in Wilmington in the Adirondacks. Fishing wasn’t easy as we struggled to match the hatch. One nice little brown trout was all I got. The leaves were starting to colour up and the views while wading up and down the river made up for the lack of fishing action. I fished the same area the last week of April this year. Matt, one of the guides recommended early June as the best time to be on the river. I’ll have to book for next year at that time.

Olive Grizzly Dry Fly

Tying the Olive Grizzly dry fly pattern.

This Olive Grizzly dry fly is a pattern I created based on a pattern I found over on  I modified the colors to match the material I had on hand.  The image shows the pattern in both size 12 and size 16.  I tye this with both black and chartreuse thread to suit the lighting on the water. Materials: Hook:  Size 12  and smaller Body: Uni-Yarn in Olive Rib: Small vinyl rib in Brown Hackle: Rooster Saddle in Grizzly Thread: Uni Thread 6/0 in Chartreuse or Black