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Deer Hunting 2015

This year on my annual deer hunting week we had unusually warm weather.  Normally we would be below zero every morning but this year we only had one morning below zero with many afternoons getting above 10 C.  Although we saw a few deer they were either females or spikes that were too small to shoot.  Not a great year at all.  It was supposed to be the worst deer season in the last 20 years.  

Ray bow hunting

Moose Hunting 2015

We spent 3 weekends moose hunting this year in Saint-Michel des Saints, two with bow and arrow and one with rifle.  We did not have any luck.  There were at least 3 or 4 different bears that were feeding on the grassy hills on our territory.  It was a poor year for bears in terms of available food so they were spending a lot of time eating grass.  Although he had moose tracks at our salt licks all summer they stopped coming around just before hunting season. I took a bunch of photos with my iPhone while I was there.

Snowshoeing and hunting… and the killer rabbit.

On Friday December 28 I went up to my friend Paul's chalet on Baie Ignace – Lac Taureau for a 3 day snowshoeing/hunting weekend. We arrived at the chalet Friday around 1 PM. It was sunny and -6C outside and -8C inside. After getting a fire going and the cottage warmed up we got dressed and headed out with out showshoes. Paul had about 8 snares set up so we took those along. We did not bring the shotguns as we just wanted to look around. It was a good move as there was about 3 feet of fluffy snow so the less to carry the better.