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Checking the laundry in Riomaggiore

Black and White Portraits of Italy

Black and White Portraits of Italy This summer while travelling through the north of Italy I shot a series of street portraits of ordinary people doing every day things which I called “Portraits of Italy”. #portraitsofitaly Photos were taken as I travelled through the following areas: Milan and Lago Maggiore, Aosta, Genoa, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Florence, Modena and Venice.  I converted all of these to black and white as I find it focuses you in on the person instead of the colours and the surroundings. Lago Maggiore area A drive up the east side of Lago Maggiore with stops in Arona, Stresa and Canobia.   Our first aperitivo in Italy was in Arona.  (Note to self, you don’t like Campari!)   Aosta We drove from Castelletto sopra Ticino where we were staying to the Italian side of Mont Blanc.  We stopped in several places along the way and spent some time walking in the town of Aosta.   Genoa A quick visit to the boardwalk in Genoa while we were driving through.  Only stopped for one night. Cinque Terre …

Fields of Gold. Shot in Central Washington State.State.

Washington State Photography Road Trip

Washington State Road Trip A quick 30 hour, 800 mile photographic Washington State road trip while attending the Mozcon 2015 conference.  It’s amazing the variety in landscapes and terrain you can see in such a short time.  I was very impressed by the terrain in the Palouse and the amazing coulees.  You go from mountain to scrubland to almost desert like conditions in no time at all.   The area around Diablo Lake was really nice, the colour of the glacier fed lakes is astounding.  I did make it up to Mount Rainier but didn’t get any clear shots as the head of the mountain was in the clouds all day. Road Trip Map I mapped out my route on google maps.  You can see the map here:  Road Trip Map. I basically picked up a rental car on Saturday around 3:30 pm and got back to drop it off around 9 pm on Sunday.

Minke whale jumping out of the water while feeding near Tadoussac.

Tadoussac / Bergeronnes / Les Escoumins Road Trip 2015

A photography road trip along the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River (Tadoussac / Bergeronnes / Les Escoumins) has turned into an annual event. This will be the third year I have  taken a Tadoussac vacation and spent some time exploring the area. got the truck all packed up and I left the next morning, Friday June 19 at 4:30 AM. The beauty of leaving that early is there was no traffic at all until I got to Quebec City. A bit of construction there slowed me down for a few minutes but nothing to complain about.  Almost no waiting time at the Tadoussac ferry which was great, last year I had to wait about 90 minutes before getting on the ferry.     Finally arrived at the Paradis Marin campground around 10:30 AM.  I was early enough to be able to pick just about any camp area I wanted and I get the one I was hoping for.  Great view of the river and the whales feed right off shore.   Although I spend quite a lot …

Seagull from my 2014 trip to the Tadoussac area.

Photography Road Trip Summer 2015 Planning

Planning for my summer photography road trip has commenced! The preliminary plan is a 6 day road trip along the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River. Boisbriand to Tadoussac/Les Escoumins (6 hours) on the first day. Zodiac trip out to shoot whales (with a camera) on day 2. Tadoussac/Les Escoumins to Longue Pointe/Mingan (7 hours) on day 3. Day 4 or day 5 (depending on the weather) full day out with whale researchers at MICS and boat trip out to Mingan Islands on the opposite day.  Day 6, 13 hour drive home.  

Fishing boats in dry dock waiting for spring. Gaspé.

Road Trip to Maria in Gaspésie

Phil is now going through the internship portion of med school at the University of Sherbrooke.  This involves mostly 1 month placements in different hospitals while he practices different medical subjects.  He had just finished up a month at the hospital in Riviere du Loup and was then moving on to a one month dermatology internship in Maria, Gaspésie.  We jumped in the car after work on Friday and drove down to Riviere du Loup.  Saturday morning we drove to Maria with Phil and spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday visiting.  We headed back home on Monday morning.  The Gaspé peninsula and the Baie des Chaleurs are a very different place in the winter!  Some great landscapes and interesting little villages.

Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City

The Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City

Chateau Frontenac The Chateau Frontenac is located in Old Quebec or Vieux Quebec. This historic hotel was built by the Canadian Pacific company in the year 1892 and has since been an architectural symbol of Québec city and Canada as a whole. Château Frontenac is a Château style hotel that’s reminiscent of the same type of hotels produced by many of Canada’s railway companies around this period. Frontenac was one of few hotels that has actually been preserved due to its sheer size and elegance. Château Frontenac was designed by architect Bruce Price and it was preserved throughout history being named a national historic site in the year 1981. The design for the building was inspired by French castles and named after Luis De Baude Comte De Frontenac who is a key figure in the history of new France. Frontenac was actually the governor of this colony between 1672 and 1682 and was then elected as governor again between 1689 and 1698. As well as being a natural leader Frontenac is also credited for defending …