Eel Trap at Low Tide on the Saint Lawrence River



I went out for a photo walk along the Saint Lawrence River at low tide in front of the cottage in Saint Denis sur Mer.

Autumn is always a great time to shoot the waters edge with the yellowing sea grasses that are exposed at low tide. Nice colour contrasts. I shot a series of black and white as well as colour shots. I always like the images from this area in black and white.

Eel trap at low tide.

Photograph by Ray Watson

There is still one of the few remaining eel nets setup near the cottage. The eel run has not started yet, the fisherman I was talking with said the water is still too warm, the wind and cold of autumn have not arrived yet.

Eel trap at low tide.

Photograph by Ray Watson

Eels use the St. Lawrence River as a migratory path to reach
upstream rearing habitat in Lake Ontario and Lake Champlain.

Colour Images at Low Tide.

Black and White Images at Low Tide.

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  1. Lisa

    What is it about this place that is so dang serene and relaxing?


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