A method for cooking Bison ribs on the BBQ.

We tried something new tonight for supper.  Hélène had asked me to find a bison filet mignon but the local butcher did not have any. The only bison he had was a rack of ribs!  (Side note:  Bison are big, very big so are the ribs!!!). The three ribs weighed 1.5 kg so about 500 grams per rib.

I let them warm up on counter before cooking and got the BBQ preheated to about 600 degrees.  I seared them on both sides and around the edges on a super hot grill, about 1 minute each side.  Then I put them in the center of the BBQ with the burner under them off and the 2 side burners on low.  I let them cook for about 15-16 minutes like that and then pulled them off.  I let them sit wrapped in aluminum foil for a few minutes before serving.  Superbly tender and succulent meat!